There are several ways that you can get involved to support us and help raise money to stop hunger in Lincoln.

Could you host your own fundraising event for the Lincoln Community Larder?

Whether you do something big or small, you can help us to make a difference every day. Here are some fundraising ideas:

Christmas Cards

A few companies in Lincoln have taken on the idea of donating food, or money, instead of buying Christmas cards for each other in the office.

Reverse Advent Calendar

On each day of December you pop an item into a box, such as a tin of fruit, a pasta sauce etc. Whatever you think would be useful and then donate this to the Larder just before or just after Christmas. As far as we’re concerned, early January would be just fine.


When you’re in the supermarket and they have a ‘buy one get one free’ offer, donate the free one to the Larder.

Sponsored Runs

If you are taking part in various runs or marathons please consider supporting the Lincoln Community Larder.

Sponsored Walks

If you are slightly less energetic but are organising or taking part in a sponsored walk, please consider supporting the Lincoln Community Larder.

Special Occasions

Please consider supporting us if you would like to nominate a charity on a special occasion.

Any further ideas would be most welcome.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss any of your fundraising ideas or activities.


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