Helping Lincoln



The Lincoln Community Larder, Winner of the Lincolnshire Community Group of the Year Award 2010 first opened its doors on 18 August 1989 - one of the first foodbanks in the area we believe. The Larder was the creation of Mrs Mary Eckmyre who became aware of the need for a stock of basic food, available at short notice to give to people suffering some form of crisis in their life making them unable to fend for themselves.

Once up and running, the demand for Lincoln Community Larder’s services soon increased as word spread.

What we do

The purpose of the Lincoln Community Larder is to provide basic food for people in crisis. We do this by issuing Larder Vouchers to a variety of agencies in the area who then refer people to us in need of assistance in the form of food and we give 3 days’ worth of food for each person included on the voucher.

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